Design Advice

How do you choose a Design Consultancy? Relevant experience? Credentials? or is it just Cost?

If it’s design advice you’re looking for, the way to find the best creatives is, of course, by recommendation. If it isn’t possible you’ll need to do some searching, that’s probably how you ended up at Juice Factory.

There are hundreds of design companies, large and small, all offering to improve your brand awareness and make your company flourish. Ultimately it’s a personal thing and you’ll need to like the people you’re dealing with.

Design can be an emotional experience. You’ve spent time getting your company off the ground and you want to take it to the next level. Who do you talk to? Someone who is going to listen and spend the time understanding what it is you do, what you deliver and where you want to take your business to.

Large Agencies may have an impressive client list and solid credentials, but you don’t know if the designer who created their relevant work is still with the company and chances are you’ll never actually meet or speak to him. You’ll want to talk directly to the person responsible for your project, this rarely happens with large organisations. Therefore, smaller consultancies, where you can talk to the creative who will produce the work is best.

Choosing a Consultancy on cost alone would be like spending £150,000 on a car just to take you to the shops, or £150 on an old banger to drive to China. They’ll both do the job eventually, but it’s all about having the right tools for the right job – being comfortable, enjoying the journey and not finding that you have to buy extras along the way or the shear cost burns a massive hole in your pocket.

How can we help?

If you’re looking for design advice, once you contact us we’ll listen and work with you to ensure that your company flourishes. In the mean time there are literally hundreds of ways to market your company. Some of them expensive and others less so. They are all about building Brand Awareness that ultimately increases sales.

Juice Factory Design Advice