Packaging Design

Whether you’re buying cosmetics, confectionery or household items, packaging design is what makes one product stand out from another. It’s also a 3D experience and all parts of the design have to work together. Branding, colour & image.

Haircare Packaging Design

This packaging design was created for Arosci Colour Products. In addition to the Peroxide Products, the range also includes the extensive set of hair colours. The design complements the existing range of Scientific, Harmonious and Designer products. We also produced the website design which can be found at

Cosmetic Packaging Design
Marirasa Packaging Design

From Concept to Reality

When designing a range of products a great deal of thought needs to be given to how the products will be merchandised. The differentiation between the products may be via colour coding but it is essential that the consumer can easily see the difference.

Koi Fish Food Packaging Design
3D Packaging Design Bath Wiltshire

Dr Bassleer – Product Hanging Device

The brief here was to design a device which would hang a product on the front of an aquarium. The plastic device was attached via a suction cup. Furthermore, because it is clear the product can be seen from all angles.

Display Outer

Multiple packs are often shipped in boxes. In addition to protecting the product the carton is normally used for display.

3D Packaging Design Bath Wiltshire