Did you know that your choice of colour says a lot about you?

Working in design we understand the world of colour and we use it to your advantage. Have you ever noticed how prestigious professional companies tend to use navy, gold and white? Conveying their professionalism, conservatism and reliability. While also promoting the fact that they take their business seriously and that they will do their utmost to work hard for their very important clients.

Whilst technology firms used to live boringly in black and white and definitely no beards allowed. More recently they have learnt a lot from their creative employees. You find them splashing around in bright colours and heavy stubble.

Supermarkets are another sector where choice of colour is important. Walking around a supermarket everything needs to be clearly labelled with clean lettering and, most importantly, concise. A supermarket’s choice of colour palette is generally in primary colours (blue, yellow, red, white and green) so that everything stands out and is easy to find making your supermarket experience quick, fast and successful.

The home design market is huge. Until recently most houses used warm whites with deeper browns to convey a welcoming cosy feel as you walk through the door. Now, we’ve all moved on to greys and whiter whites this choice of colour conveys the message that your house is a technology paradise.

The colours you choose all depend on what it is you wish to communicate, so our first step is a conversation about your message and how we can convey that in colour. Obviously the right logo or brand helps but it’s paramount to get your colour scheme right first time.

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