Starting a New Business Start Up? We can help!

Juice Factory help new companies grow through the effective use of creativity and promotion using all areas of the marketing mix from Corporate Branding and Stationery to Brochures and Websites.

eXPD8 logo designWe have helped a number of new business start ups get off the ground ranging from Business and Financial Services to Product Development and a range of Consultants.

An example is eXPD8 which is a Product Merchandising Company. They came to us with the idea for the business, a great deal of experience and very little else.

The first phase was to produce a marketing strategy and having agreed on the way forward we worked with the embryonic company to create the brand naming and positioning of the company. The look and feel for all of the marketing support material came next followed by the roll-out onto brochures, literature, direct mail and the website. The result was an integrated marketing approach for the launch of the new business.eXPD8_Brochures

The best part of 10 years later, the new business start up is now one of the major players in the product merchandising sector

If you would like our help then either email: or call Jasper Williams on 01985 840780