After a week of working on a new client’s website, producing marketing material for a Solar Energy company and designing a new Exhibition Stand for a long standing client – I like to use Friday afternoons as a time to take care of my own marketing and promoting my creative agency.

It’s funny that I use my design and creative skills for my clients so that they can attract new customers, promote their products so that they sell more stuff; but it used to be very rare for me to turn my attention onto my own business. Having a creative agency and marketing it yourself is a bit like a busman’s holiday.

Every company needs to market and promote themselves and I find that I actually enjoy working on marketing my own creative agency – at first it wasn’t easy to get into because whatever I did it just didn’t feel good enough. I knew I needed to step back and look at it from a different perspective.

I decided to treat my company exactly like a new client so that I could look at it as objectively as possible. The result is that it works, the biggest problem I had was knowing when it was done, when to actually stop working. So usually a good stopping point is 5pm when I crack open a well-earned Friday afternoon bottle of beer.

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