keeping customers engaged

keeping customers engaged

keeping customers engaged

Incentivise your customers

  • Offer discounted online promotions, buy now and enjoy later
  • Set up an area for discussion on your website or at least a Q/A section
  • Interact with your customers online – have a weekly theme ask them to contribute
  • Put in place a pre-booking system, so your best customers are first in the queue when your business re-starts

Offer something new

  • What have you always wanted to do with your business but never had the chance?
  • What else can you do with your product or service?
  • Consider expanding your horizons, could you be selling into different sectors?
  • Dual purposing your business and capabilities
  • Let your customers know what you’re planning via social media

Be aspirational with your imagery

  • Think about your product or service and how you can change the way you promote it
  • People like looking at pictures
  • It’s the benefits of a product that customers are interested in
  • Make your website aspirational so customers will want to return for the feel-good factor

Be ready to re-open

  • When businesses re-open, there probably won’t be much warning
  • Many people with cabin-fever will want to go out shopping
  • As far as you can, get everything ready so you can fulfil your order book

Create good karma

  • Keep your name out there in the business world
  • Use the same message across all platform on your website: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Tweak your message for each platform and redirect to the complete version
  • Doing something is always far better than doing nothing

We’re here to help

  • Making your marketing material work harder for you
  • Coming up with different ways of promoting your business
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