making a social splash

making a social splash

making a social splash

Social Media channels are not all the same

  • Each channel will have potential customers and requires amended or different content
  • Facebook is a very friendly channel and posts need to have content that people will react to and share
  • Instagram is very visual and requires great images which are instantly understood
  • Twitter is very brief and content needs to jump out to be seen and reacted to
  • LinkedIn is aimed at business and therefore needs focused content

Show your personal side

  • Share stories that will be of interest to your target audience
  • Be realistic, interesting and where appropriate funny
  • Create stories with images that catch the eye
  • Including your brand or product is a major part of this
  • Be personal, don’t hide behind your company name
  • People like to know who they are dealing with

Keep an eye on your stats

  • Take time to view and understand your Social Media analytics
  • See which channels work for you and which ones don’t
  • Choose a regular time to look at them, make comparisons to measure your success
  • Analyse the number of click throughs, which pages are being viewed
  • Are you getting enough likes and shares
  • Make the most of your successful channels

Develop a good Content Strategy

  • For a campaign to be successful, it’s not enough to just go out there and wing it when it comes to content
  • Think about what you need to be promoting or informing customers about
  • Think about a content calendar to help identify the best times to be promoting your business
  • Think ahead when it comes to posts, images and video
  • A successful campaign takes a lot of thought and tactical awareness
  • Set a limit for the number of posts you publish each week or month, optimising the amount of exposure
  • Developing a good content strategy is essential

Do your Research

  • Identify your existing as well as potential customers and where they are found on Social Media
  • Likewise, look for your competitors, they may already be on the social media channels you are looking to exploit
  • See what they are doing and it better, see what they are doing badly and if it is something that is worth pursuing do it in a much better way
  • Paying your competitors close attention will help give you a headstart with your own social media campaign strategy
  • You don’t have to be on every single social media channel out there and sometimes it’s best to focus your attention on one particular medium – at least in the beginning

Make sure everything you post looks good

  •  A poorly designed posts can be a turn-off for customers
  • More importantly you won’t get noticed and all your efforts may be wasted
  • It doesn’t require a massive budget to get a good campaign up and running
  • Stand out from the crowd, spend some money on good visuals