Design is very subjective and doesn’t have to be expensive, but depending on how powerful and considered the design is, it will have a marked effect on its success.

We are a small and personable design company, producing a range of marketing material including branding, brochures, sales literature and websites for a variety of businesses and charities. We’ll get to know you and understand your business first and then produce effective solutions that will improve your company & brand awareness.

Whether it’s a website, brochure or flyer and your business is large or small, the most important thing is to have a very good idea as to what you want the items to achieve – your marketing strategy.

What do you want the reader to see, in most cases people will only scan a piece of marketing material before actually reading it. We will normally look for the biggest and brightest items first. Headlines, then pictures and finally read the text if we think it may interest us.

Who do you talk to in order to implement your ideas or help you find the design inspiration you are looking for? DIY design is never as effective as using a professional designer, so you will need a company or individual who is going to spend the time understanding what it is you do, what you deliver and how you want your business to develop.