The Shoppers Experience

“When I buy cosmetics, as part of my shoppers experience, I like the product to be familiar so perhaps I’ve seen it advertised online, in a magazine or displayed particularly well in my favourite department store. Perhaps it comes to my attention because of the design or may be it’s the great shape of the bottle, even better if it’s recommended by a friend.”

If you knew how your customers decided to make a purchase – wouldn’t you use that information to gain the advantage?

If you knew how to influence your customers purchase – wouldn’t that be one in the eye for your competitors?

“I don’t like secrets, I love the packaging to be clear and concise – I don’t want to read the fine small print just to find out what the product is. I like it to scream at me from the shelf.”

“I want the product in it’s packaging on the shelf to tell me immediately what it is, and why I can’t resist it, if it’s a pretty design that will look good on my shelf that helps.”

“And if there is something in it for me, like 50% off next purchase, it’s sold!”

If you know what appeals to your customers – wouldn’t you use that information?

“Once I’ve bought into a brand it doesn’t take much for me to diversify and try other products in the range. I like consistency in branding, come on make it easy for me.”

Once a customer is converted, how do you ensure that you keep them entertained with other products in the range?

Finally if it’s a good Shoppers Experience, once a customer, always a customer – how do you hang on to yours?