Remember what it’s like joining a new company? You just can’t get your hands on enough information. It’s an exciting time and you want to absorb as much detail as you can before you begin your new job.

A new employee is an impressionable employee and as an employer you want to ensure that you have the right messaging out there! Attracting and retaining staff is key to your company’s growth and success. So hiring the right people who fit in with and add to your company’s culture is crucial. Having the appropriate communications in place is highly recommended. So how do your employee communications compare to your competitors?

How can we make you look good?

We specialise in writing company-specific employee collateral, whatever message you want to communicate whether it’s: online or hard copy material to attract & retain the best people, on-boarding & induction packs for new hires or Employee Communications and Newslettersemployee newsletters which help shape your company’s culture – we do it all, we get to know and understand your company, we write your material, take care of the design layout, we can even take care of printing.

We all know how important it is to have the right employee communications in place; there’s no excuse not to.