Effective Graphic Design

A few years ago I was interviewed for an article which was posted  by Roland Millward. I had forgotten about it completely but when I can across it the other day everything I said still stands.

Whatever type of business you’re running, you’ll need to market it effectively and a graphic designer is essential.

Your brand or company name is your promise to consumers and the way you communicate your services as well as your beliefs and values will have a direct impact on the businesses success.

Design is very subjective with everyone having an opinion, but should you be creating your own marketing material?

Being a business owner at a time when everyone has a PC at home as well as the office, it’s easy to think that you’ll be able to produce a brochure design or branding yourself. Perhaps everyone with a PC thinks that they are a graphic designer!

I mentioned that I despair at the amount of really bad design that’s out there at the moment – especially DIY websites and flyers! I meet people all the time that are experts in their own field but for some reason they think they can be a graphic designer too; the difference between good design & bad design is that only one of those will have a positive impact on the business. Design needs to be memorable and for all the right reasons! This is why you need a good graphic designer and I will be delighted to discuss your design needs.