Does your company brochure do your products and services justice?

Effective literature is a key component in the marketing of any company and making a good impression with potential customers is fundamental to its success. Does your brochure actually work? Many questions can be asked of your literature but ultimately it will be judged on just 3.

  • Will people pick up your brochure?
  • Do they then read it – hopefully finding the relevant parts?
  • Will it create the desired outcome – a purchase?

When thinking about the design of a brochure there are several areas that need to be considered.

Will consumers viewing your brochure understand your products and services?

  • Does it look professional?
  • Is it readable and written in a simple and succinct way?
  • Adding images and graphics make a brochure look more interesting and attractive. How many does your brochure have?
  • Is it personal and does it get to the point quickly?

What is the specific call to action? What response are you looking for from your brochure? Request more information? Visit a website or make a considered purchase?

juice-factory-literature-designJuice Factory Design Consultants have a highly experienced team where Brochures & Literature is our forte. Along with designing a professional piece of marketing material for you following your brand guidelines, we can also help developing content, writing, sourcing images and we have in-house photographers.

If you are interested in finding out what Juice Factory can do for you or to request an Information Pack then please contact Jasper Williams on 01985 840780 or email us at