Literature Design

Along with other areas of Design for Retail, literature design is a specialist area for Juice Factory. Over the years we have designed, written and produced a range of brochures including managing the print production and distribution to stores. The following images give an introduction into the work that Juice Factory Ltd has undertaken in the Design for Retail sector. In particular Maidenhead Aquatics over the last few years. Over this time Juice Factory have amassed a considerable amount of knowledge not only about the Aquatics Sector and its products, and have also built up relationships with the main suppliers. This enables Juice Factory to add value to the service by helping to source and produce the content for the Brochures and POS.

Water Gardening Aquatic Brochure Design 2014 Tropical & Marine Aquatic Labels - Point of Sale Aquatics & Water Gardening Brochure Design 2008 Freshwater & Marine Aquarium Brochure Design 2013 Water Gardening Brochure Design 2005Aquatics Amazing Offers Leaflet Design 2013 Point of Sale Design