Creative Director & Project Management skills. The smooth running and completion of any project, is dependent on the knowledge and experience of the creative director or project manager. A definitive methodology should always be in place. The implementation stage of a piece of design. Be that a brand identity or web based project is just as important as the initial idea. Anyone joining the project team on either client or consultancy side, must be able to have access to all the documents and design proposals. They will need to know exactly what the project is about, where it is in its life cycle and what they need to complete.

My experience as a Creative Director and of Project Management covers the writing of Proposals. Selection of team members – technical developers as well as creative. The ongoing management of the team, client liaison and all the associated documentation of delivering a project on time and budget.

Areas of consultancy:

  • Creative Director
  • Project management
  • Planning & project frameworks – Workflow systems
  • Team-building, Coaching and mentoring